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Shaping the Future of Healthcare: Non-Traditional Players and Convergence

An intimate conversation about Medical Alley, convergence and non-traditional entrants in healthcare.

Q1: How is the digital health landscape different in Minnesota vs. nationally vs. globally?

Brian: Minnesota, overall in the Midwest, has a history of innovation in health and healthcare. Starting with the Mayo Clinic, United Health Group, Medtronic and other companies based here… you have the culture and history of creating new and different solutions to help people with different needs related to healthcare. If you go to the present day, a number of different innovations within healthcare come directly out of Minnesota. If you go back to the late 90s, early 2000s, the Consumer Directed Health Movement came to market. Now, you have innovations from that same team coming with on-demand health insurance. I think what you see is, a lot of healthcare experts, who know where to target specific problems and try to solve them in meaningful ways. You don’t have that as equally distributed across other areas of the country. Today, more investors, more companies are participating in those ecosystems and the activity is increasing. The next wave of innovation is happening and starting based out of Minnesota and Midwest.

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