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Series A Success Story: Assisting a Last-Mile Pharmacy Delivery Startup in Securing Series A Funding by identifying additional revenue opportunities

Updated: Jun 23

Company Background: 

Series A start-up offering a last mile prescription delivery platform. With this prescription platform, this start-up has generated successful partnerships that have led to cost-saving outcomes and increased prescription accessibility and was seeking additional strategy to grow revenue. 


Company Need: 

The client was looking to understand how to monetize company data and leverage it to secure additional revenue from payer partnerships. 



During engagement several steps were taken to produce quality information and help the client drive revenue: 

  • Payer opportunity analysis 

  • Data opportunity analysis 

  • Industry research 

  • Client-specific recommendations 



Through our advisory services the client was provided a comprehensive understanding of payer data and analytic needs and offered strategic recommendations on how to take existing company solutions to address those needs. 

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