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Global Expansion Success Story: Series B International Startup's Journey into the US Market

Updated: Jun 23

Company Background: 

The company is an international company looking to sell their solution to U.S. payers and enter the U.S. healthcare landscape. They have various digital health solutions to help payers with triage and steerage processes. The company has successfully helped several healthcare stakeholders and established numerous global partnerships and implemented their digital solution with them. These solutions have been effective at reducing costs, improving patient satisfaction, and working towards better health outcome.  


Company Need: 

The company was seeking services from Akros Advisory to better understand how their solution can be used to facilitate growth within the U.S. healthcare market. They were looking for strategic recommendations on ways to do this, and how their product can be enhanced for the U.S. healthcare market.  



There were several steps taken to produce comprehensive strategic recommendations. Initially literature reviews were conducted to contribute to a strong understanding of available industry research. This research was delivered through both a market and product summary. The market summary included information on market trends, pain points, and areas for innovation. The product summary provided the client with an understanding of their product’s strengths and opportunities as it relates to the U.S. healthcare market. This summary also provided a map of technology requirements that are necessary for enhancement and optimizing needs in the space they are aiming to sell to. Both the market and product summary helped to inform the final deliverable, the Go-To-Market Summary. In this summary, the company was provided with high-level recommendations on payer sages strategies and sample messaging for sales enablement.  



Using the market, product, and Go-To-Market summary, this company is well-prepared to establish partnerships in the U.S. healthcare market and strategically position and sell their product.  

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