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Who is an Akros Expert?

An Akros Expert is a seasoned professional in the world of healthcare strategy. They bring industry insights and a knack for innovative solutions, helping organizations navigate challenges and seize opportunities. With a focus on precision and long-term impact, Akros Experts are trusted advisors who drive strategic success and tangible results for their clients.

Discover, connect, build.

Discovering clients that need your expertise can be difficult, but Akros Advisory is here to fill that gap. By joining the expert community at Akros, you and your skills are highlighted on our platform. We connect you with clients that need your specific guidance. Build your relationship on a solid foundation of trust, knowing that you have what your client needs.


Become an Akros Expert VIP

With the VIP plan, you will be featured on our platform and we will connect you with the most innovative clients seeking your expertise. Allow us to match you with clients so you have more invaluable time to do what you do best. 


Help us get to know you!

Akros wants to get to know you! We will send out a questionnaire shortly after your subscription. Answer a few questions about your passions, experiences, skills, and who you are as a person. From this information, we will create your Akros Expert profile.


Get matched!

Receive personalized matches based on your interests, skills, and background. Turn your expertise into a revenue stream by offering strategic insights, all the while building lasting relationships with forward-thinkers in the industry. 

Interested in meeting your future network?

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